Thursday, May 4, 2017

Now What?

It has been exactly 5 weeks since I wrote a blog post.

Unfortunately my experience with South Beach Diet didn't last much longer after that post.

I hate "dieting". I'm not good at it (obviously). I hate feeling like I'm depriving myself. But at the same time I truly want to lose weight. There HAS to be something that is going to work for me.

After South Beach I went back to counting calories on MyFitness Pal. Then I went back to counting Points Plus on the Ultimate Food Value Diary app. 

Then I did nothing for awhile. And today... 7 weeks until I leave for vacation... I am back on MyFitness Pal counting calories. Weight loss is basically calories in vs calories out right? So I just need to be more diligent about tracking consistently and eating less calories and burning more.

In other happenings...

It is still soccer season.

I ran a 10K (after this text exchange with my dad): 

And then right after the race I went to my friend's bridal shower

Hubby is doing some Spring landscaping - he built that rock wall!

My baby boy started his first job

Frozen yogurt season has started in my household

I got hubby out for a run with me!

We've had some pretty nice weather!

Life has been busy - both at work and at home. I can't tell you much I am looking forward to my 9 day vacation in June!