Saturday, July 29, 2017


We paid a visit to the 'rent-in-laws over the Fourth of July weekend.

Patriotic much?

We also had our friend and her fiance over. Thankfully he's doing better and they were still able to get married in a small private service with just the two of them. They're now planning a reception for later in the year.

I've been friends with these girls for over 30 years and we always have a great time when we do get together.  

And the laughter continues...

Until she puts the first little ding in her car...

I had a mom's night out. We went to dinner and a comedy show.

Funniest show. We laughed so hard!

The work month ended with a happy hour with co-workers at a new to me place - Barcelona Wine Bar. The wine I initially ordered wasn't that great - but this little tequila drink in the middle that I ordered next was total YUM!

I spent the last weekend of this month by myself. Hubby is out of town, my teens are at their dad's. It rained from Friday after work through Saturday evening so I stayed inside the house. Now I'm restless and ready to get out tomorrow. I have errands to run and stuff to do around the house but it's nice to just veg out on the couch every once in awhile.

Now that the ole blog is all caught up with my happenings maybe I can keep it up? lol Yeah right - wishful thinking on my part.

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