Saturday, July 29, 2017

May Days

I've been in the house alone for the past 24 hours. Hubby is out of town, the teens are at their dad's house, and it has been raining like crazy since yesterday afternoon.

I've cleaned out my email account, watched 3 Lifetime movies I had in the dvr, finished my latest book, run 3 miles on the treadmill, and cleaned out my bloglovin reading list. I was cleaning out my google photos when I decided I may as well update the ole blog with some of the pictures I have taken.

Back to a time...

- When my son was in another one of his plays  

- My mini was still playing soccer

- Hubby invited me to a military spouse appreciation lunch at his base

- My teens treated me to breakfast in bed for Mother's Day

- Then the family took me to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner

- I finally jumped on the LipSense craze. Although the color I bought was beautiful and that stuff really does as it says and stays on - I found it too drying for my lips for every day use. 

Coming up next - what happened in June...

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