Saturday, July 29, 2017


My month of June started with the Baltimore 10 Miler race. By working with my running coach I was able to take 8 minutes off of last year's time!

Hubby went to pick up my packet for me a couple of days before the race because I was working late and he signed up at the last minute to run it too! 

At the end of June we traveled to the Dominican Republic. I was supposed to be a bridesmaid in my friend's destination wedding but 6 days before our flight - she called to tell me that her fiance had a blood clot and wasn't allowed to fly for 2 weeks so they weren't going to be able to go.

Since we had already paid for the trip and requested the time off from work - we still went ahead with our plans to go with my friend's blessing. 

The first resort we stayed at Sanctuary Cap Cana was where the wedding was supposed to take place. The resort was amazing. We had booked a villa and we were right.on.the.water. 

View from our rear balcony

One of my other friend's and her husband still went ahead with their plans to go as well. We have been friends since high school and this was the first vacation we had taken together - let alone with our spouses!  

The husbands had met before a couple of times but it was awesome that they got along as well as me and my girlfriend. We have already decided that the four of us are going to vacation again together in two years. 

After four days we checked out of Sanctuary and into Secrets. I can definitely say that I have outgrown THAT Secrets location. I'm not going to say yet that I have outgrown all of the Secrets locations because a couple of years ago we stayed at a Secrets resort in Jamaica and it was amazing. This resort - not so much. There was a bunch of young, rowdy drunk people and the food wasn't good. The resort is pretty new and modern so the room was nice and fortunately for us we had paid extra for the preferred privileges so we were able to go to the quieter pool and and beach.

The nine days hubby and I had in the Dominican were just what we needed. We kind of wrapped it into an early anniversary present to ourselves. We were able to hang out with friends and then hang out with just each other - it was the perfect way to vacation.

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